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You’ve downloaded the ebook Licensing, Irony, and Ignorance.

Hopefully, depending on how your web browser performs, the ebook has automatically popped up in Adobe Reader
® for you. If not, then tell your browser to save the document in your computer. Then reopen the (PDF) document in Adobe Reader.

(You’ll find good viewing [zoom] options while in Adobe Reader. A zoom/viewing at about 125% may be good, depending on your particular situation.)

You may format your downloaded book for home printing on 8½-by-11-inch paper. Following these instructions, you should get two book pages per sheet of paper for a total of about 142 printed sheets.

While viewing the PDF document in Adobe Reader, latest version,

• Click File, Print. Then the dialog box below will appear.
• For Printer, select the desired printer attached to your computer.
• Under Page Sizing & Handling, click on Multiple, as shown below.

• After Pages per sheet, select Custom, and type in 2 by 1, as shown above.
• Under Orientation, click on Landscape, as shown above.
• Review the thumbnail sketch of the printing format (lower-right corner). Note how, above for example, the second page of the table of contents and the first page of the main text appear side by side.
• Check that your printer holds at least 142 sheets of paper.
• When you're satisfied that all is in order, click the Print button.

Enjoy the results for ink-on-paper reading and pen annotation, without the encumbrances of a laptop or Ipad or similar and its battery-time and visual issues, weight, and fear of damage, while reclining in a backyard hammock, beside the shore, or at elevation 11,000 ft (3,300 m) in the mountains.

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