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Frank Groffie's Miscellany

On occasion, as maybe you do too, I’ll straighten up my attic, garage, or hard drives. Various things get tossed, sorted, recycled, sold, donated, gifted, deleted, etc. When coming across an old item, I may think, “Ya know, this here may be of interest to someone else,” and I’ll present it in some form on this website.

I think my 1985 master’s thesis may have been the first item I did that with. I haven’t wanted to part with my 1968 Honda 90, but I thought it would be fun to “share” it online here also.

I wrote a book, Licensing, Irony, and Ignorance, mainly as a bookwormish challenge and to satisfy an urge to pound out words on a keyboard. It's posted here also. A few additional miscellaneous things appear here such as the products of research and garage tinkering and my write-ups on random topics.

This isn’t a blog ― you can’t post comments (although people have emailed me with comments and questions), but I do post new stuff every once in a while to relieve boredom, and this website thus evolves and expands. So, what you see here is an outlet in lieu of doing the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram things. There’s a 260-page document that I regularly expand ― a write-up of where and how we’ve caught trout in some of the remotest high-elevation spots in the Sierra Nevada nearly every year over a span of decades. But I don’t think I’ll post that and divulge my secret fishing holes anytime soon. You (assuming you're an angler) so wish; ha!

Below, in no particular order, is what I've made accessible thus far:

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