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When wilderness cooking is concerned, we usually think of either a butane stove or a campfire. We rarely think of blending the convenience of a stove and the weight savings of a campfire — using the fuel available on the ground. What I went and did is create a stove that blends the two:


  • At 18 oz., it's lighter than petroleum-fuel stoves because you don’t carry any fuel.

  • Stove convenience. Faster and far easier to cook on than a firepit.

  • Powerful: boils 1 liter of water in 6.3 min. from match touch; output of 11,000 BTUs/hour.

  • Stable, sturdy, simple, dependable.

  • Generous fuel capacity, easy feeding.

  • Fast. Grows the tiniest flame from match touch into a roaring fire in seconds.

  • Versatile cooktop. Grill fish over coals, or set various sizes of pots and pans on the stove.

  • Compact.

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