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Flysheet. My particular flysheet was taken from a Wenzel® five-person dome tent bought around 2002. Who knows if this particular tent is still available; it doesn't matter. It was one of those huge family dome tents sprung with long fiberglass wands that could be had for about $120—and still can be; they're ubiquitous. Ours served us well for many nights over some 6 years until the sides of the main structure degraded and shredded under an onslought of sunlight. The flysheet, however, was seldom used and rarely saw sunlight and thus was essentially pristine and given new life in this project.

I erected it and measured and marked where I wanted to trim away excess from the edges. After trimming, I flame-seared the fabric edges and hemmed them (on my wife's grandmother's 1922 Singer). All seams on the flysheet were then sealed using commercial, toluene-based tent seam sealer.

Catenary suspension web. The flysheet was erected in test mode using the former tent's tensioned fiberglass tent wands to hold up and shape the