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Here's how you can receive bug protection while sleeping in the DIY catenary-line-suspended dome shelter. Or under any shelter that isn't an enclosed tent, or while sleeping under the stars.

This “innovation” is so obvious it seemingly must exist somewhere. Yet I've encountered no example, depiction, or mention of it anywhere.

Anyway, for several years we've enjoyed protection from mosquitoes — while sleeping — using bug netting that I've sewn to the head areas of the sleeping bags that we've owned. I've hemmed the netting material all around, sewn the net to the upper opening of the head area (hood) of the sleeping bag, and provided two snap closures to the bag's top half. Two aluminum pop rivets, one at either end of the attachment stitching, like on the pockets of your Levis, keep it securely attached. This simple bug-protection system works. Weight is a mere ¾ ounce (0.8 oz., 24 g).

It works whether you pull your bag's drawstring tight to give yourself just a breating hole on a cold night or leave the drawstring loose on a warm night. On a night when the bug netting isn't needed, I just undo the snap closures and place the netting behind the head of the sleeping bag, which puts it completely out of the way. It's always ready for use whenever needed, and it can't — oopsie! — be forgotten and left behind.

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